Your Bottle

About your parfum bottle

Carta’s signature splash bottle is packaged as sustainably as it is beautifully. The splash bottle features a fitted ground-glass globe stopper, eliminating the need for plastic pumps, caps, and tubes. As an alternative to cellophane wrappers, bottles are hand-sealed using an artisanal and traditional technique called baudruchage, involving the application of a small waxlike membrane laced with silk threads and secured with a wax seal. This technique ensures that bottles remain both air and water tight during their journey as well as free from tampering. Our parfums are presented in luxurious boxes made from recycled papers and shipped using biodegradable and/or recycled shipping materials.



How to remove the baudruche

To remove the baudruche, use scissors or a sharp knife to snip the silk thread at the base of the bottle’s neck. When the thread loosens, the wax seal will detach from the biodegradable membrane, allowing for the bottle to be unwrapped—the thread around the neck of the glass stopper will then slip off with ease.



How to apply your parfum

Your fragrance is an extrait de parfum, also known as a pure parfum, the most precious, concentrated, and long-lasting form of fragrance. You only need apply sparingly to pulse points to enjoy. The neck of the glass globe stopper functions as the applicator for your parfum. Before removing the stopper, gently turn the bottle upside down to wet the neck.

How to close your bottle

To close your bottle, place the stopper into the bottle and firmly press down while giving it a slight twist to secure.

Refilling Services

Your splash bottle is available for refilling services. Mail your empty bottle with stopper back to Carta where it will be refilled and returned to you with free shipping. The cost to refill your bottle is $90.00.

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