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Heather D'Angelo

When the inspiration for Carta first ignited in my heart, I dreamt of kindling the spark to life along with likeminded collaborators who shared my values of environmental stewardship and sustainable design.

Fortune brought these immensely talented artists and designers to my side. They are the pride and the pulse of Carta.


Kimi Lewis

Kimi Lewis is a graphic designer and art director living in sunny Los Angeles. She received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design where she studied graphic design and illustration. 

Lewis played a pivotal role in shaping Carta’s brand identity and she applied her impeccable design and vision to many elements of the brand.  She was supported by writer/researcher Dana Covit at the onset of the project to develop Carta’s brand foundation, then by designer, Erica Sanchez, on packaging and web design. 


Shahrzade Ehya

Shahrzade Ehya is a freelance photographer, videographer, producer, creative consultant, and contemporary art critic based in San Francisco and Berlin. She received a PhD in Art History from UC Berkeley. 

Ehya is Carta’s exclusive photographer and videographer. In addition to shooting all product photography and portraits, she was also D’Angelo’s intrepid companion and travel documentarian in Peru. While in the Amazon rainforest, she faced a wide array of challenging filming conditions including oppressive heat, camera-ruining humidity, unpredictable rainstorms, and oft-failing generators – yet flawlessly captured breathtakingly beautiful footage. She eagerly awaits her next adventure with Carta.  


Lien Do

Lien Do is an audio engineer and composer at Different Fur Studios and Text Me Records in San Francisco California. She is co-creator of LMSFN community art hub.  Her background is in classical percussion and ethnomusicology but her real passion is in experimental electronic music; her solo artistic project called Leviathe launches in 2018. 

Do and D’Angelo worked collaboratively to compose Carta’s website soundtrack using D’Angelo’s field recordings from the Amazon Rainforest. D’Angelo was particularly amazed by Do’s deft manipulation of bird songs into an entrancing beat.

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Dana Covit

Dana Covit is a writer, researcher, and editor based in Los Angeles. While living in Baltimore, she studied creative writing and film at Johns Hopkins University, and later received a Master of Arts in cinema and media from UCLA, where she became particularly interested in depictions of landscape and environment. 

Covit worked alongside D’Angelo and Lewis to develop and hone some of the earliest branding concepts and has continued to help D’Angelo tell Carta's story. 


Alexa Wilding

Alexa Wilding is writer, musician and twin mama. She received her MFA from The Writer's Foundry, Brooklyn, NY and is currently working on her first book. 

Wilding lent her savvy wordsmithery to helping D’Angelo tell Carta’s story. She is also D'Angelo’s best friend and was the only one who didn't think D’Angelo had lost her mind when she ran off to the rainforest.

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Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez is a Mexican conceptual artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Sanchez brilliantly edited Ehya’s footage from Peru for Carta’s launch video.


Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb is the vision of two brothers, Christopher and David Steinrueck, who set out to make a living by building beautifully designed products that embody sustainability, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. They are based in San Francisco. 

Chris made D'Angelo's dream for a beautiful and sustainably made wooden perfume bottle cap a reality, while David, a developer, brought this website to life. 


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Ainsley Wagoner

Ainsley Wagoner is a designer and a musician living in San Francisco. By day she crafts user experiences for Adobe XD, and by night she writes and sings with several San Francisco bands including her own project Silverware.

Ainsley helped D’Angelo update and expand this website in preparation for the launch of Carta’s new 15ml offering.


Erica Sanchez

Erica Sanchez is an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. Erica received her BA in Communication Arts from OTIS College of Art and Design, after which she traveled to Italy and Amsterdam for design residencies. She has since worked in Los Angeles with an emphasis on packaging design and branding.

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