Moena 12 | 69

Extrait de Parfum

A riot of plants sweating in the morning sun. The scent of young ginger sweeping through the green canopy. Brewed tea and fresh tobacco leaves. An oncoming thunderstorm and the purifying crispness that follows.

Wild Peruvian Moena
Soaked Moss
Golden Ginger
Brewed Tea & Tobacco Leaves
Redolent Woods

Usage: To best enjoy your fragrance, apply sparingly to pulse points.
Sillage: 6 + hours. Moena 12|69 is a highly concentrated scent. A bottle lasts a very long time.

Follow Moena 12|69 from forest to fragrance.

Carta's premier offering, Moena 12|69, is the first ever fragrance to feature Moena Alcanfor, a rare essential oil steam-distilled from the lateral branches and leaves of Moena trees. The numbers correspond to the geographical coordinates from where the oil is sourced - the Tambopata Province of the Peruvian Amazon at 12.58° South, 69.19° West.

A close botanical relative to the highly endangered Rosewood (another Amazonian tree popular for fragrance), Moena Alcanfor is a new sustainable alternative. This oil is ushering in a promising future for the region’s delicate ecosystem. Its woodsy aroma ignites emotions, purifies and uplifts the spirit, and eases anxiety.

A portion of the proceeds from Moena 12|69 sales are returned to Camino Verde, the only organization in the world distilling Moena Alcanfor. Learn more about Camino Verde’s valuable work here.

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1 ml 0.03 fl oz

Discover Moena 12|69 and receive 10% off your purchase of a full sized 15 ml or 50 ml bottle.

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15 ml 0.5 fl oz
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Our 15 ml bottle achieves a longstanding goal to offer Moena 12|69 in packaging that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. Each splash bottle is closed with a fitted ground-glass globe stopper, eliminating the need for plastic pumps, caps, and tubes, and is hand-sealed using an artisanal technique called baudruchage. Bottles are placed in keepsake boxes constructed from recycled fibers and wrapped in biodegradable materials before posting.

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50 ml 1.69 fl oz

Limited Edition: 300 bottles.

Customers of this edition will be exclusively invited to reorder this bottle size in the future. The Carta signature bottle cap is crafted at Wood Thumb, San Francisco, from reclaimed walnut wood. Each bottle is placed in a hand-numbered box constructed from recycled fibers and then wrapped in recycled tissue and biodegradable materials before posting.

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