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One of the greatest joys in my life is sharing my passion for fragrance with likeminded people who share my values of environmental stewardship and sustainable design. There are a number of ways we can co-create together, described below.

Please email me at if you feel called to work with me.


Fragrance Design Workshops

I teach both introductory and advanced workshops in natural perfuming. Class sizes range from one to twelve students. During my workshops, students are introduced to a palette of over 35 essential oils, absolutes, and natural isolates, including a few rare ingredients I have personally sourced from the Amazon rainforest.

Workshops cover the art and science of perfume craft, including laboratory basics, formula development, and blending techniques. Students leave with their formula, a bottle of fragrance developed under my close guidance, and a take home guide about how to continue fragrance experimentation at home.

Please visit Airbnb for an ongoing list of my classes.

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Bespoke Fragrances

One of the reasons I became a perfumer is because my quest for the perfect signature scent had left me feeling dissatisfied. The few commercial fragrances I loved were already being worn by many of my friends, and I wanted something more unique - something just for me. 

If you relate, please consider allowing me to design a deeply personal fragrance just for you. I specialize in crafting gender-neutral fragrances meant to be worn sparingly and close to the skin. The scents feel both intimate and storied; an olfactory snapshot of your desires.

My sustainably sourced scents incorporate either all-natural or mixed media (naturals & synthetics) raw materials depending upon your preference. My fragrances are available in a base of either phthalate-free organic neutral wheat spirits or your preferred carrier oil.